Here you will find general links that can provide resources or information about  Common Core Mathematics in general.  Feel free to share links to resources that have helped you to transition to the new standards.


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  1. I spent time browsing information on other state websites: Indiana especially caught my eye since they recommended each teacher put into place the eight Mathematical Practices with the current curriculum and then begin to add Common Core.

    That state up north which shall remain nameless has a site with numerous resources:

  2. Found this site to follow on Facebook that contains “rich” problems for mathematics:

    They also have a curriculum page that has curriculum for England but has great problems to use:

    Cambridge Maths Circles link that has multiple problem links imbedded:

    stemnrich photo of the month:

    Nrich problem posters:

  3. Edutopia is one of my favorites to follow. This week they published an end of year addition that included an article on how to make mathematics more meaningful to students (among other articles):

    Oh, and while you are visiting Edutopia don’t forget to look at the list of 80 online resources! Something for everyone!

    This link connects to a video about teacher collaboration:

    Lori Cullin blog on “What do your rules say about you?”

    Blog on flipped classrooms:

  4. This site has nothing to do with Common Core but this clip of David Letterman with Rear Admiral Grace Hopper who worked on the first computer Mark I and was responsible for COBOL speaks volumes about how to teach. When you are done do you know what a nanosecond or a picosecond is?

  5. Our theme song;)

    Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to study the Common Core, find ways to deliver the content to your students in new and exciting ways, and prepare the students for the inevitable tests to follow…this message will self-destruct in five seconds…

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