Fractions Development in Grades 1-6


Common Core Standards in Mathematics for Fraction Development

Grade 1: 1.G.3

Grade 2: 2.MD.3, 2.G.3

Grade 3: 3.G.2, 3.NF.1-3

Grade 4: 4.NF.1-7,  4.MD.2

Grade 5: 5.NF.1-7

Grade 6: 6.NS.1

I Can Statements for Common Core Mathematics

Progressions for Common Core Standards for Mathematics-Fractions

Zimba Wiring Diagram

NYCDOE Grade 3

NYCDOE Grade 4

NYCDOE Grade 5

NYCDOE Grade 6

Illustrative Mathematics Progressions Across Grade Levels Videos

Illustrative Mathematics Fraction Tasks


About hsmathematicstothecore

Retired Mathematics Teacher and Care Team Coordinator. Co-Chair of Lace-Up-for Kids which puts a new pair of shoes on kids before school starts. Wife and mother of two adult children. Currently working as a mathematics consultant on projects dealing with the new Common Core Standards.

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