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3 Ideas for High School Math Teachers to Explore This Summer


American high school students won a prestigious global youth math competition this month, but most teens never complete calculus.

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Fractions Development in Grades 1-6


Common Core Standards in Mathematics for Fraction Development

Grade 1: 1.G.3

Grade 2: 2.MD.3, 2.G.3

Grade 3: 3.G.2, 3.NF.1-3

Grade 4: 4.NF.1-7,  4.MD.2

Grade 5: 5.NF.1-7

Grade 6: 6.NS.1

I Can Statements for Common Core Mathematics

Progressions for Common Core Standards for Mathematics-Fractions

Zimba Wiring Diagram

NYCDOE Grade 3

NYCDOE Grade 4

NYCDOE Grade 5

NYCDOE Grade 6

Illustrative Mathematics Progressions Across Grade Levels Videos

Illustrative Mathematics Fraction Tasks

Essays from the Noyce-Dana project: clarifying the mathematical underpinnings of secondary school


In 2008–2009 Dick Stanley and Phil Daro, with the help of Vinci Daro and Carmen Petrick, convened a group of mathematicians and educators to write essays clarifying the mathematical underpinnings o…

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How to Recharge Mathematical Thinking


Why do so many students struggle with math word problems? Maybe they just don’t know where to begin and get overwhelmed at the thought of tackling a problem. Often kids lack experience with different types of problems and different strategies, and they give up before they get started. The Recharge & Write strategy is a cooperative learning strategy that encourages discussion and helps build confidence in problem solving. Download free directions and word problem worksheets.

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